10 Things to do in Lisbon, Portugal!

Lisbon is a great destination for a long weekend escape!
A city full of authenticity, where modern meets old-fashioned.
Multicultural and vibrant, this city will take your mind places.
It was everything I hoped for in a vacation.

So, what to do in Lisbon?

Here are 10 things I think you should definitely add to your Lisbon Itinerary!

Things to do in Lisbon

1. Pastéis de Belém

Believe the hype. To be honest, this surpassed the hype. I personally don’t like desserts but I LOVED this. All I really have to say is BELIEVE THE HYPE. It’s Amazingggggg. Their egg custard tarts have the right balance of crunch and cream and when you top it up with a sprinkle of icing sugar and cinnamon, *Spins*

It literally had us spinning!

2. Get lost in Alfama

This is a charming neighbourhood with cute little allies and warm smiles anywhere you look. All you need to do here is wander at your own pace. Walk through the alleyways and the narrow streets. Remember to take pictures of the pretty houses and doors!
P.S- It survived the 1775 earthquake and is the oldest area of the city. 🙂

3. Take the Tram 28

 The tram is an icon in Lisbon and it takes you through all the pretty neighbourhoods in the city (Alfama, Baixa, Barrio). I personally did not get to this but I hear it’s best to go in the morning and it’s an experience not to miss. 

My Souvenir. Oops, It’s upside down 🙂

4. Castelo De São Jorge

Get spectacular panoramic views of the city! Walk the castle walls and if you’re lucky enough to have the wine company present, get a “wine with a view” Sigh, #TakeMeBack 

“Wine with a view”

5. Visit the Belem Tower

Belem is a cute little town with a famous tower located on the shore. It’s a great spot for people watching and cool pictures!
The Belem tower is really beautiful and pictures don’t do it justice. It was added to the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. You can also take a stroll along the Targus River and discover another beautiful landmark in Lisbon- Padrao dos Descobrimentos (Monument of the Discoveries). To be honest, on this paricular day, we discovered a lot! Here’ I’ll show you… 🙂 

A Cannon
The Discoveries Monument
The cutest Froyo truck
A dock
A little bit of Thai’
The Fountain & The Botanical Garden

To be honest, it was a very good day!

6. Bairro Alto

If you’re one to party, Bairro Alto is where you need to be. The neighbourhood is almost deserted during the day but comes alive at night. All the bars and lounges open their doors and it’s almost like people prefer to be on the streets than indoors. I loved it! We had the best BESTEST time.
P.S- I secretly relive the moments from this night. 
From my research, I had a list of drinks to try and I ticked them all off. Go ahead, make yours. 🙂
a. Morangoska ( a cocktail made with vodka and fresh strawberries)
b. XXL Caipirinha
c. Ice Caipirinhas
d. Gingjinha (Portuguese liquor made of cherry-like berry. Usually costs 1 euro and you can have it with cherry or chocolate wafer).

P.S- The best night to party with the locals in on a Thursday and not a Friday. Although I went on a Friday and it was still pretty packed.

7. Fálésia Beach

YASSS to the beach life. Depending on how many days you’re in Lisbon you could take a bus ride to Albufeira for a boat cruise, the beach or just to explore some more! We were meant to be there for a boat cruise which we were really looking forward to but as with everything in life, nothing really happens as we plan. So! We had a beach day which was really relaxing and fun! (fun because my travel buddy did a couple of somersaults, haha)
P.S- If you still want to experience the beach and not go to far you can take a 30mins train ride to Cascais.

8. Pena Castle, Sintra!

Take a train ride to a nearby city. This can either be Cascais or Sintra. I chose Sintra because you see the Pena castle, had my name all over it! Sintra is a beautiful and timeless town set amongst mountains. It’s full of stunning and unique castles, ivy-covered walls, ponds full of swans and enchanting forests.
The Pena Castle came right out of a fairytale. It was so magical and I enjoyed the tour of the castle even more. This is an absolute must and it’s super easy to get to. Direct trains leave from Lisbon Rossio every 30mins and a return ticket cost 4.30 euros.


Be sure to visit Pena Palace, the most colorful castle possibly ever, and Quinta da Regaleira, which is full of secret passageways, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into your very own fairytale.

I made a friend on the train too!

The Kitchen

9. Food!

We all know food is life! So indulge yourself with some traditional Portuguese cuisine! They have a seafood culture and it’s really affordable too ?

Sea Food Pasta

10.Embrace the street art

While I was here, I noticed loads of street art on the walls. Literally everywhere! Till I learnt it was a thing. Lisbon is one of the best street art cities in Europe and it’s well deserved. Their street art is pretty fantastic and if you’re really into street art you can go on a guided tour!


When I go Back…

No matter how long you spend in a city, there’s always more to explore or stuff you missed out, so when I do go back to Lisbon, here are a few things I’ll ensure to experience!

  • The Pink Street
  • The flea market
  • Cascais- popular beach town
  • Oceanarium
  • Jerónimos Monastery

I strongly believe that the one and only way to experience Lisbon is to walk around and see what you find. If you find yourself in Lisbon for a few days, explore and let me in on what you discover!

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Thank you for reading.

Love always,
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