It was the perfect city break my cousin, Mayowa and I needed.
It had been a long time coming.
We just needed to go somewhere, anywhere,
escape from life as we know it in London.

Venice, Amsterdam, Istanbul? No.



Yes, we were curious.
Flights booked, hotel booked.
We were set.

“Oh Fey, how about you make me look forward to our holiday by creating an itinerary?”

Sigh, the perks of traveling with me. Haha
Well, that I was happy to do?
“Sure, Mayowa, let me impress you”

Find our Prague Itinerary here.

Touchdown Prague!

img_1474Tip 1: Change your currency to “Czech Koruna” at the Prague airport, you get more value for your money.
We learnt the hard way *side eye May*

I had a moment with the taxi drivers right outside the airport.
Trust me to haggle.
There’s just something about taxi drivers and tourists.
They feel the need to cheat you.

Tip 2: Take a taxi from the airport and get a coupon for 50% off your trip back to the airport
I’m full of tips today, aren’t I?
Loving this.

We made our way to the Mamaison hotel, dropped our luggage as we had a few hours to check in and set out to wander the city. We were hungry!

How awesome was it that a local recommended the Vytopna “railway restaurant”
It was the coolest thing I had seen at a bar.
So original!
It got us really excited.
Definitely raised the bar for all the other restaurants. The food was really yummy too!
The perfect start to an amazing four days.

Remember the video I promised you last week? 
Well, here!
You get a first class experience of Prague through me 🙂
I hope you enjoyed it!
This post is a little different and I’m guessing I do not have to say much as “a video is worth a million words” 🙂
but I’ll say this.

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”
“Experience new things and make your dreams your reality.”

Everything I experienced in Prague was new which made it even more exciting.
Having the right person with me was divine.
P.S- We should travel together more May.

I had never heard of a Beer Spa and that sounded quite weird at first and then curiosity came after.
I really loved the experience and I hear they’ve got a wine spa in Italy. That’s next on my list.

I had also always wanted to go on a Segway.

I think no one should ever tour a city, walking.
Definitely have a Segway tour at least once.
Well, there was that moment where I was scared to death 
“My Humpty-Dumpty moment”

I still laugh when I think about it. 
But hey, it’s all about the experience:)

Your turn!
What new thing have you experienced lately?
I hope you found the Prague Itinerary useful?
Please share and let me know your thoughts!


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