The Story

About Us

FNP Travel is a travel experience company

Founded to ultimately get you to See The World. 

A platform designed to equip the ardent traveller with the necessary tools through our services to turn dream destinations to real life experiences!

To some, through our carefully curated unique trips, guides and resources; will serve as the Ultimate Travel Experience. While to others, FNP Travel will serve as a platform to share individual and unique perspectives of travel experiences while giving others insight.

Centered around travel, the brand offers a singular view of photography, style and adventure fuelled by the innate passion of the founder Fey Kamson.

Meet Our Founder

My name is Fey Kamson

...and I love to travel.

It’s how I have come to better appreciate the world and everything within. Travelling for me is about breaking barriers, pushing through, witnessing different cultures, cherishing every moment, challenging myself and ultimately honouring God for the world he has created. It is my way of worship, giving reverence to Him whilst having fun in the most inexplicable ways and showing that you can make it your reality too.

When I’m not 40,000 ft in the air, I am either busy curating your next awesome vacation or somewhere with my laptop typing away to bring you the best travel tips, guides, goodies and a whole lot of FUN.


I am pleased you stopped by and I hope you enjoy the FNP Travel Platform.

“ Travel is magic and only by personal experience will you ever get it”

Fey Kamson


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