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So this is the first of my China series 🙂 

If you ever find yourself in Guangzhou, Beijing Lu street market is definitely a place you will like to see. 

Like the name implies it’s a market and it’s a pretty long street as it’s got about 140 stores which are generally opened from 9am- 10pm 

There’s a little bit of history as well, as you would find an underground display of the original road from ancient times (it’s been in existence for about 1000 years)

Beijing Lu Street Market has got pretty much everything you need ranging from clothes to bags, shoes, electronics, food, accessories and the likes

Oh the joy when I got to practise fantastic bargaining skills (mama would be proud!) I cut prices down from 200 yen to 50 yen. Thats literally 5 pounds… 5 pounds!

Okay, yes – I agree, China is awesome!

Anyway, before I got to the end of the street, (remember being a tourist attraction from my previous post?) I literally felt like a celebrity having to take all these awesome pictures with my new friends. I even made a new Squad! (haha!) How cool do we look?

…and thank you Caleb for capturing each moment even in my “Diva” moments



Fey IMG_8045.JPG

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Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 07.30.51


Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 07.28.08

>>I absolutely loved this moment<<

This was when I had just showed them “Airdrop” on the Iphone existed as I had to transfer our pictures. See how amazed they look!. They were quite disappointed that I did not have the “We- Chat” app which is  China’s “Whatsapp + Facebook” replacement.

Too cute!


More friends 🙂


>> Busy bargaining <<





Snapchat Moment
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