Hi there! So I decided to spice things up a little bit and interviewed Amiola and Seyitan on their recent trip to Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania!
I’m so glad they agreed to do this because this post is nothing but
bare fun, laughs and the beauty that is friendship.
Let’s get into this!

1.   Hey hunnies! Thank you for agreeing to do this. So tell me us, why did you choose these destinations?   

Amiola: Did we really choose? I’ve always wanted to see Africa. The girls and I, we’ve all wanted to actually, and then make a show out of it. So, when the opportunity came, these were the countries that sort of fell in our laps, thankfully.

Seyitan: By the way, when she says ‘we’ she is referring to the both of us plus Taje and Ajifa, and to add to why we chose any of these countries, there was also Shayo’s wedding but that’s a different story.more amazing

2. Oh, nice! That sounds interesting? Can you please give a summary of how this went?

Amiola: How did it go? Hmm. It was a mix of everything! It was stressful, mighty stressful. Imagine having to film all of your activities on a trip to another country. And then factor in retakes too. Yeah, we all lost weight on this trip.

Seyitan: Yuup! We took clothes and then shrunk on the trip.

Amiola: But it was sooo much fun at the same time, we got to meet amazing people.

Seyitan: To be clear, we were filming for a new show premiering on RED TV soon. It’s called “HERE & NOW” and it’s a twist to your usual travel show as it follows the adventures of 3 not very ok people; Taje, Amiola, Ajifa and the sane one, ME!


Amiola: Err… Even you don’t believe that. I’m the sane one. And get your facts right, woman. It’s called “HERE & NOW: THE ADVENTURES OF TASA.” And I, thank you very much, came up with the name ‘TASA’ ?

3. What were your expectations about the destinations before you went?

Seyitan: I wasn’t expecting a lot from Cameroon to be honest. Tanzania on the other hand, I was anticipating the sand, the cool beach breeze, salt water…I was expecting A LOT!
Kenya was pretty decent, Amiola has a Kenyan accent now so she must have loved it.

Amiola: Oh yes! You should hear it. And I’m told I kinda look like them too, so, winning! But yes, Kenya I’d heard of how beautiful it is, nature, the wildlife.

maasai fam

4. Did your expectations meet your reality? And how?

Seyitan: Of the 3 countries we went to, Tanzania was ALL I hoped it would be (Ok! maybe not all but I’d go back sha) Like I said before I wasn’t expecting much from Cameroon but it really surprised me. I’d like to own a home in Kenya, it’s like Lagos but better, it’s very nice out there.

Take Me Back!
Take Me Back!

Amiola: Yeah, I’m Kenyan now, I don’t know what you guys are still talking about here. I think Cameroon surprised all of us for the same reason. And then Zanzibar… Ha gawd! I knew that would be beautiful, but I wasn’t ready for that magnitude at all!

5. Can you tell us a bit about the destinations culture?

Amiola: Yes! I can tell you about the Maasai people of Kenya!

Seyitan: Amiola, can you give Kenya a rest, please!

Amiola: Sigh. Okay
maasai us

Seyitan: We spent one morning with some of the Maasai and it was strangely satisfying! The girls and I got a chance to try on the traditional attire and they taught us how to dance and “jump” like they do, it was quite a workout.

Amiola: I don’t quite understand if they were trying to peek at God or something. And then talking about God and culture, I had no idea Zanzibar was so conservative. It’s an Islamic city, you see, and so Taje and Seyitan were asked to cover up some more with a scarf until we got to the beach. And then the same guy offered us ganja after. Lol.

6. If you can tell us one thing to ensure we do when we get there what will it be?

Amiola: One thing only? Surely you kid.

Seyitan: You should definitely go mountain climbing in Buea if you’re ever in Cameroon.

Amiola: Yeah. And in Kenya, you should have some Bhajiya, go see the orphaned Elephants, feed the Giraffes, basically look out for all the animals you can find.selfie game strongSeyitan: For Zanzibar (drumroll please) Definitely, Sandbank Island, House of Wonders, Prison Island and explore all of Stone town. The floating restaurant was really nice too, we had dinner just by the oceanfront and they actually played Nigerian music when they realized we were from those parts. Psquare is really everywhere please.
mount cameroon2

7. If you can tell us what not to do, what will that be?

Seyitan: As a tourist, always try to look out for other options when booking hotels, getting deals or having money changed because most times you stand out as a newbie and some locals tend to take advantage of you. So DON’T be too reliant on the information you get from one source. I’m getting so emotional just remembering what happened to us.

Amiola: Man, the way they scammed us in Zanzibar yo! But that aside, I’m just going to be straight-up cheesy and say “Don’t hold back”.

Seyitan: Osheyyy! “Giving it my all” niggas

8. Best/Cherished moments?

Seyitan: OK, so I have a moment for each country.
In Cameroon, it’s a tie between going on Mount Cameroon; it was really mind-blowing to see the entire country from the top of a mountain, it was a great excuse for a workout and then the waterfall at the TOP *sigh* There was also spending some quality time with some of Cameroon’s finest artists. They organized something tagged, “Jamming sessions” and we basically just jammed. It was our last day in Cameroon and it could not have happened at a better time. We tested our vocal cords too, let’s just say the music industry is not for me.
jamming sessions

Amiola: But could it be for me…? Watch out. But yeah, that was precious for me as well. The waterfall and the entire scenery at Mount Cameroon; Getting slimy giraffe saliva all over my palm while feeding Daisy at the Giraffe center in Kenya.
giraffe and i

The MAASAI people! There was a real bond there, I even met another one in Tanzania and we are guys now.massai guy


Amiola: This one was just chasing Maasai people about. Oh, and yeah, walking on the beach and being able to see into the clear waters, that absolutely killed Zanzibar for me. Just seeing how much beauty is in Africa actually, was priceless.






tanzania wedding

Seyitan: Yasssss hunnayyyy, feel the sand beneath your feet, the wind in your hair, the salty taste of air on the tip of your tongue.

Amiola: Can you see that you’re not normal?

Seyitan: In Zanzibar, it was also about the wedding. Two of my friends got married in one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed, just as the sun was going down, at the edge of a cliff, facing the ocean. OH GOD!!! When will you do my own?


9. Nay/Never Again moments?

Amiola: I don’t know, Seyitan, do you know what this “never’ word means?

Seyitan: Ha God! Never say never, the freest spirit, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me -__-

There really weren’t any never again moments as every moment was an add on to the total experience.
sunset quote

10. How many days did you spend and what was your budget?

Seyitan: We were away for about 13 days, spent an average of 4 days in each country,
plus travel time too.

Amiola: Yeah. And you see, that budget ehn, I’m not really sure how to break that down. But we had to send an SOS home at some point. So if the point of this is to advise you on how much to carry, just add an extra 50% to it.
tanzania copy

11. Why do you travel?

Seyitan: 1. I love traveling. Growing up I always thought that I’d wait till I made a fortune before I see and experience the world but I’ve realized it’s best to do it HERE & NOW , maybe not in the pace that I want but it’s happening and I love it!

Amiola: Nice plug in, HERE & NOW. I see you

Seyitan: *unlooking Hi 5*. I love food, and what I love more is food I’ve never tasted before, best place to find said is a new country. Also, we had to for the show of course. Shout out to RED TV.

Amiola: Shout out RED TV! I just really like to see the world, immerse myself in different cultures, experience the world, basically. So yah, I travel for that. Here & Now.

Seyitan: Osheeyyy, the plug-

Amiola: Seyitan, SHUT UP!

12. What’s your favorite life quote – this can be related to anything, please share!

Seyitan: Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.

Amiola: Be Happy. Be Free. Don’t be Sorry. – Ashley Duvan
us again

Thank you for reading.seyitanamiolaSeyitan X Amiola

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