Where to Stay in MOROCCO! RIADS over HOTELS!

A RIAD. Save the fancy, luxury hotels for another destination. These pictures should save me a thousand words.
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“My not so Madagascar experience ? ” by Amma E

 I remember laughing while Amma told me about her expectations versus her reality at Madagascar. To be honest, I would have totally thought the same thing but thankfully, I know better now. P.S. If you’re a “foodie” you’ll like this too.
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“Salam et Salut! -Marrakech, Morocco” by Ade.S

Why Marrakech? I asked myself  “Where can I go where the food is good, the people are friendly, and their language is foreign?”
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The Seven World Wonders! 2017, anybody?

Hey, Hey, Hey! Let’s try that again. Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!??
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” *Escape*town, South Afica ” Chinyere A

So I asked Chinyere to describe her experience in South Africa with one word and she said, Magical. Wow, I usually don’t get that. I couldn’t wait to hear why. Lucky, Chi’ shares this with us
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“Cameroon, Kenya & Tanzania!” by Amiola and Seyitan

Hi there! So I decided to spice things up a little bit and interviewed Amiola and Seyitan on their recent trip to Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania! I’m so glad they agreed to do this because this post is nothing but bare fun, laughs and the beauty that is friendship. Let’s get into this!
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"Marrakech, Morocco" by Busayo O

Marrakech happened on a whim. Last summer I had the opportunity to study abroad and explore the gulf region of the Middle East.
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