Travel Tips

5 Common Excuses That Stop You From Travelling

“How do you get to travel so often?” A question I get asked one too many times. Actually no, “I want to be like you when I grow up.”? Yeah, that’s the phrase.
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7 things to consider for the Easter Holidays!

As I finally conclude my easter holiday plans to Portugal, I am super excited so I’ve decided to infect you too! I’ve never had such a detailed plan as I have for this trip so I definitely cannot wait to share. But yes, It’s almost Easter! What have you got planned? Did you even consider...
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The Ultimate Packing Checklist + Tips!

 Hey Guys! I leave for Prague tomorrow and I’m super excited! I figured it was the perfect moment to share my “Ultimate Packing Checklist” with you, and show you how I like to pack my luggage plus the tricks and tips I use! Whoop!
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