How I’ve decided to stay up till 3:30am only because I fear that Ubers might be nowhere to be found is beyond me.
My flight leaves at 6am and you see, I’ll hate to miss this flight.
In other words, I’ve decided to spend this time writing to you.
L I S B O N, P O R T U G A L
It’s been real! I’m glad we met.

At this point, I think it’s okay for me to assume that there’ll be subsequent posts dedicated to Lisbon.
Firstly, I cannot get over the fact that this trip was initially set up for 7 girls.
7 girls! Turned 2.
Gosh, don’t you just hate when this happens? There’s no getting used to it.
It’s annoying, side eye to the rest of the “Portugal crew!”
I stay winning though, I got the better travel buddy- Amina ❀
I’m not quite sure what I expected but whatever it was, you surpassed it, I will do it over and over and over again.
Don’t you just love when you’re paired with an amazing travel buddy?
(*ding*- content alert! How to pick the perfect travel buddy)
Yes? Yes.
Honestly, it’s been 4 months and a lot has happened! In every area of my life.
I almost can’t believe this is my first trip this year.
Life truly is an experience and it pays to enjoy it regardless of what life throws at us.
I’m more excited for the time I had to think about what I really want for this platform and having you here, reading this is progress.
Shows we’re headed in the right direction. πŸ˜‰
I can’t wait to please you.
Really, this is all about you.
I’ve spent 4days in Portugal (3-Lisbon, 1- Albufeira) and so far my highlights are:
– The pastel de Belem
– The Pena Castle
– Bairro Alto nightlife!

Ticking off everything on our to-do itinerary is really liberating.
Well, except the boat cruise that got cancelled (that sort of hurt) I pray that never happens to you.
We were legit looking forward to it.
We spent 6 hours on the road for this. Damn
But all was not lost, we created our beach day. ?
If you follow my page on Instagram you’ll know it was fun.
If you don’t, you totally should! Even I will admit that it’s LIT over there. (haha)

Alas! It’s 4 am and I spot 4 Ubers on the map! Yipee.
Do I seem excited to be leaving Lisbon? I mean why else will I stay up all night?
Well, let’s just say there’s somewhere even more exciting to look forward to!
Anyway, this is heads up >> More on Lisbon coming up: Pictures, Vlogs, Travel tips and Guides!
*Watch this space*
Can I also mention that I’ve missed sharing my travel experiences on here.Thank you for reading.

Love always,
Feyikoya❀Please share your thoughts, comments and do subscribe here.

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  1. I totally hate it when you plan a trip, and people begin to drop like flies. My trip to Dubai few years ago started with 6 girls, and only 2 of us showed up. I have embraced solo travel, and it is so liberating to go where I want to without depending on travel buddies. Anyway, your Lisbon pictures look fantastic.

    1. Feyikoya

      Hey hun! Thank you so much.
      Haha, 6 to 2! You already know I know exactly how you felt!
      I’m envious, sadly, I still haven’t been disappointed enough to embrace solo travel. Hopefully, I don’t. (LoL!)

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