“Happiness is planning a trip to somewhere new Iceland”
Do you agree with this?
Duchess certainly does.
Let’s find out why!

 Hey Duchess! Thank you for agreeing to do this. Wait, I can call you Duchess right? or do I have to stick to Yetunde?

Yetunde: Haha, yeah, Duchess is fine. More people know me as Duchess rather than Yetunde anyway.

Cool! So, why did you choose Iceland?

Duchess: Hmm okay, so to be fair, the destination wasn’t my idea. It was a friend of mine whom I travelled with, and I thought, hey that sounds like fun. Also, seeing the aurora borealis (the lights) is on my bucket list so I thought it would be great if I got to see it, so I went.iceland3

Aah, the famous “Northern lights!” How did that go?

Duchess: Sadly we didn’t get to see the northern lights because the weather conditions during our stay were not favourable. However, the great thing about Iceland is that there is so much more to see beyond the lights, that the lights are just a pleasant surprise if you get to see them. 🙂 

That’s a first! Iceland and no lights? I’m curious. So did you have any expectations before  going?

Duchess:  To be honest, I had no expectations. At the risk of sounding quite ignorant, I just didn’t think there was much to see in Iceland beyond the northern lights and the hot springs. Lol. Safe to say that was not the case.

Haha, did your expectations meet your reality? And how?

Duchess:  It completely exceeded my expectations. Iceland is filled with such beautiful nature especially in the southern coast of the island. The country is blessed with everything: snow peaked mountains, ice glaciers, Icelandic breed horses, huge waterfalls, volcanoes, natural hot springs, Geysirs and that’s only naming a few.
It’s almost like stepping onto a movie set, except that everything is real and natural and just so incredibly beautiful.


Can you tell us a bit about Iceland’s culture?

Duchess: Sure! Icelandic folks are originally Vikings. However, if you watch too much game of thrones and you go there expecting everyone to look like Jon Snow or the wildlings, you would be sorely disappointed.
Although it is worthy to note that many scenes from GoT was in fact shot in Iceland and there are tours that show you all the iconic locations from the series such as ‘the wall’. Lol.

The Wall! haha

Duchess: No but seriously, they’re lovely people; everyone speaks English especially in Reykjavik, which is always a good thing for tourists. 

If you can tell us one thing to ensure we do when we get there what will it be?

Duchess: Definitely the tour of southern Iceland. There are just so many beautiful things to see out there. Also if you are able to, it is highly beneficial; almost essential, to rent a car. This is because most of the beautiful sights are free to see and maps of all the tour routes are readily available online so you can just drive around and see all the places yourself.
The alternative is to pay for tour buses, which in essence all they do is drive you around and tell funny stories in between, so it is far more economical to have your own car.
It also means you can go stake out the lights, while in the comfort of your warm car with wine and snacks, and if you don’t get to see it, you would not have wasted money on a tour bus. image2

If you can tell us what not to do, what will that be?

Duchess: Do not go to Reykjavik expecting to dine out for every meal. Hard to believe but it is a wildly expensive country, and that’s in comparison to London prices. Just to give you an idea, a small bottle of water from a supermarket costs £3 and up, and a sandwich + smoothie from a coffee shop chain cost £15 and up.
We ate at this coffee shop twice during our stay because that was the only thing we could buy without feeling completely cheated, plus the sandwiches are really good.
The best thing to do is to head to the nearest ‘Bonus’ supermarket and stock up for your stay because they are relatively more affordable. Also, if you plan on consuming any alcohol on your trip, buy your booze from duty-free.


Best/Cherished moments?

Duchess: Watching the sunrise over the blue lagoon; it’s picturesque, relaxing and breathtaking all at the same time.
The blue lagoon is a must visit. I’d recommend booking in advance as it is quite popular and so tickets get sold out quickly but it is absolutely one of the amazing wonders of Mother Nature.
The beauty of it is most appreciated in winter as the natural hot springs create many steam pockets due to the nearly freezing temperatures. 


How many days did you spend and what was your budget?

Duchess: We spent 4 days, and we saw so much, but there was still so much we didn’t see.
Flights and Airbnb came to about £250pp; some hotels cost a bit more than that, but there are also hostels that cost less.
So there are quite a variety of options.iceland4

Why do you travel?

Duchess: I just love to see new places and sights, of which, nature is the best kind of sight to see.
Iceland is packed full of stunning sights that are unique to the area, I had a great time. 

Got a favorite life quote?

Duchess: Lol, I don’t have one. I think life is best enjoyed in the unique way that it manifests itself in all of our lives and not necessarily how someone who existed a gazillion years ago perceived it to be.

Lovely! 🙂image6

Thank you for reading.
I hope you make a decision to see Iceland.
It’s simply amazing.
duchess Duchess

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