This one’s for the fun seeking traveller!
FNP Travel was founded with one fundamental goal, to get you to See The World.

I realised that not having friends to travel with has caused a few of us (myself inclusive) to give up on their travel dreams 🙁
So I created this section which offers an alternative; one that not only gets you to a destination but gives you an opportunity to meet amazing people like you! 
Because the people we travel with have the power to make or break our vacation, I am extremely picky about FNP Travellers. You need someone who gets you, someone with just the right vibe, someone who is awesome enough to spend a week in a foreign land with!  😀


This platform will offer you weekend trips and week long getaways around the world hosted by me! 😀 

Click the button below to see your next unforgettable getaway! Whoop! I’m super excited.
Are you?!