IMG_9052We ALL have a certain degree of love, for food. We buy food and we definitely want to get the value of our money even if it costs 5 pounds (50 yen) and also enjoy it.
So in this post I would be sharing with you some of the amazing food I had while at Guangzhou, China (let’s be honest, sometimes we are too hungry to remember to take a picture first :D)

Pandan Indonesian Restaurant
I’m not sure if this is my first recommendation because I had the time to take pictures or if it’s because I genuinely loved the food, but if you find yourself in this part of the world, do try this restaurant. I LOVED the food. It was also recommended to me by 3 people. I love my food spicy, so this was definitely a winner.
My friend even caught me dancing while eating- I would show you a video but let’s not see that side of me just yet.

I can still taste how good this was *slurp*



Pizzeria Tomatoes

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI never, EVER finish 8 slices of pizza on my own but here, I did!
That says a lot. Trust me

Oh, if you love shisha, you can also have that here and I thought the shisha lamps were really cute (I almost think everything is cute) they have nice cocktails too.

When food makes you happy.



It’s weird but I think I had an actual Chinese meal twice in the 14 days that I was in China but it did taste different from the Chinese food I have had in other parts of the world. I’m not too sure which I prefer.


McDonald’s China
Haha! I feel the need to talk about the McDonald’s in China. It different here. In my opinion, it’s better than the UK, the chicken is spicy (okay, yeah, I love spicy). I do however prefer the McDonald’s breakfast in UK though. In China, they have a variety of the McDonald’s breakfast as it contains actual Chinese meals. It was interesting to know and I think you should too.


Confession: I love McDonald’s

Street Food
Okay, this is for the brave hearted. No way was I going to risk some form of food poisoning (no disrespect) but I did have boiled corn one time 🙂

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

More Restaurant options
I decided to be extra and asked an almost local (someone that’s been in Guangzhou for a year) for the best places to eat while in Guangzhou. So if you’re looking for where to eat, love your food and get the value of your money?
This should help. #TML

-OGGI Pizzeria
-Happy Monk
-Honder International Hotel
-Xinshi Steak
-Sultan Turkish restaurant
-The Tavern Sports Bar
-JiangHu Japanese Restaurant
-Soup Works
-KUMOI at the Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotel (IFC Tower)
-CAFFE MONDON at the Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotel (IFC Tower)
-Chinese muslim noodle restaurant



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
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  1. Anonymous

    Hey girl!!
    You already know my dream in china!! I cannot wait and you are def gonna travel with me.
    I like how you have awakened me.I mean, can we fly already?! lol
    Good Job Hunny!

  2. Street food is definitely for the brave heart…
    I like how they’ve helped cut open the shrimps….
    I am also of the opinion that local dishes from any country do taste different outside it shores…

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