“What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza”
but I’ll be nice and let you in on a few details 🙂

Now, now, don’t go thinking we went wild up there.
(maybe, maybe not)
After we left Valencia, which I talked about in this post, two more friends joined us at the infamous party city…
Travel tip: Buy your alcohol at duty-free in the airport as alcohol is more expensive in the cityIMG_4056 (1)Touch-down!
It was glaring we were in Ibiza from the various tourists to the city’s party scene and literally everyone on the streets trying to get us into their clubs or go for some event with freebies like drinks, discounts, multiple entries for the price of one and all that good stuff.

we walked past a store and saw some pretty x-rated items for sale and yup we all turned to each other and said “only in Ibiza..”IMG_4300
We got to our apartment which was in the center of Playa d’en Bossa (this is the most popular resort in Ibiza, famous for its club space and beaches)
The beach was right behind our apartment. Awesome!
Travel tip- Book an Airbnb apartment or a Vila- I got one with 5 rooms, chances are you’ll never be indoors long enough to enjoy a luxury hotel.IMG_4938 (1)
I actually made a powerpoint presentation for this trip.

It just had to be perfect.
My friends also came up with a detailed Itinerary, Bless them.
There is an activity calendar each year with a list of all parties, events and guest appearances. I had to be there on my actual birthday so I sort of missed out on some of the major events but if you are trying to work out what dates to visit Ibiza I’ll advise you to Check out this timetable

Cirque de la Nuit

Basically, Ibiza never sleeps.We wanted to party and we certainly got that. A number of people will most probably walk up to you on the street or at the beach and give you some deals (club/pool parties, boat cruises, drinks) you cannot resist. All I am trying to say is, think about it, just don’t give your money away to the first guy as the next guy’s deal would most probably be a better value for your money.

Playa d’en Bossa Beach

IMG_4914IMG_5365Travel Tip: This one is for my fellow efficient travel lovers, you might decide to pay for events weeks before your trip. Actually, everything gets cheaper closer to the event. TML 🙂DSCF9783


Ocean beach, San Antonio for the ministry of sound pool party

From me to you, only go to Ibiza when that summer body is on “fleek!” (haha)
Literally, no pot-bellied men out there

img_5857 (2).jpg
Ouh Lala!

Asides from the beaches, the parties, the clubs and the restaurants, I had the BEST TIME at the Aguarmar Water Park. I love, love, water related activities!img_0141 (1)img_0152

Take me Back!

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 14.59.56IMG_5445 (1).jpg


Cala Conta Beach

IMG_5201 (1)When in Ibiza, don’t miss out on these clubs:
– Amnesia
– Ushuaia
– Sankeeys
– Privilege
– Ocean beach, Ibiza

Sigh, Ibiza.
Fun was an understatement. I’m not too sure we slept.
I personally think the clubs never shut down for the day.

Fun was an understatement – oh, I said that already.

We had our time at the Water Park, Beaches and Clubs, then we got involved in tourist related activities.
Yeah, I bet you thought Ibiza was all about partying and getting drunk.
*tongue out*

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IMG_4930 (1)

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  1. Now maybe that should be the location for my next birthday….at least there would be enough time to get the “abs” in shape. I have only heard amazing stories about Ibiza….must visit with the crew…MUST!!!!!

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