Every city has its story and we were determined to find out Ibiza’s story.
When you hear Ibiza, all you probably think about is people getting drunk and crunk.
Well, I talked about that version in this post.


The 12th Century Ibiza Castle
Also known as Eivissa Castle, is located in Old Town Ibiza. The castle was built before the walls of the city, which occurred during the Renaissance. Today, the compound includes the Governor’s House, citadel (Almudayna) and 12 towers.
So we took a taxi all the way up! No way were we going to walk that distance, but if you’re “fit” you should go for it. I will guarantee that you will be tired. Haha

Once you get to the top, you’ll see that it’s got amazing, amazing views. We spent a while taking pictures as everyone took turns in taking not just group pictures, but individual pictures.
I mean, when 5- 7girls are gathered you can only imagine how long that took. Sigh!



We weren’t the only tourists present at the castle 🙂
Everyone is so friendly in Spain Ibiza, it was refreshing…

Selfie Moment 🙂
IMG_4401 (1)
The Actual Selfie!

The Castle is definitely worth the visit. We also spent a while walking around the old town.


We played too much.

After touring the old town, we set off the next day with a  *plan* to go hiking and explore the Es Savinar watch tower, Sa pedrera (the atlantis) and the Es verdra Island.

The Es Savinar once served as a watchtower against the enemies of the islands; the pirate ships. From here, the population was warned when the danger came near and they then hide in the nearest defensive towers (I found this so interesting)

Wait for it, I’m getting somewhere…

The Es verde Island is the third most magnetic spot on the globe and Sa pedrera (the atlantis) is said to be where a large amount of energy is concentrated.img_6886

So basically! we walked and walked and got lost in the middle of nowhere. By the time we  eventually found the path to Es Savinar Island and the Atlantis, haha, apparently it was too late and on top of that we did not have the right hiking shoes (*covers face* please don’t judge us be like us)

Well, we settled for the next best thing and headed to Es Verda island to watch the beautiful sunset. I would say that again, Beautiful SunsetDSC_4877img_0194

The cutest couple were having their post wedding shoot and we were invited to be their “Crashing Bridesmaids”

Are you wondering why our legs are up? Me too.

Oh yeah, we were all wearing white as it was my actual birthday 🙂 and we also had an all white party after.

The following day, I had my birthday dinner.
I had no input in the planning as I left it all to my amazing sister and friends. We had a table at Nassau Tanit beach restaurant for Mediterranean cuisine and live flamenco.

Good day, Best day…


I love this picture. I was so excited. It was deeper than the cake and the birthday song, to be honest, if I tell you what me so happy, you would laugh.
Haha, the “Mayor” of Ibiza- Best Guy!

IMG_4898 (1)

We left Ibiza super early the following day but two of my friends had a later flight and decided to go for the Kaws Art Exhibition (super jealous)


KAWS, is a New York-based artist and designer of limited edition toys and clothing. He is known for his paintings, graphic design and sculptures. He has also worked with celebrities like Kanye West and Pharrell.


       I Loved every bit and piece of Ibiza and I definitely had the Best Birthday Week.
Stay Happy!

Appreciate Everything, Regret Nothing.


Footprints iN Polaroids

IMG_4298 (1)







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