YASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I finally get to see ICELAND! 
This has been on my bucket list for ages! Ages!
Everything from its name screams different. 

When I was younger (much, much younger), I thought the entire country was made of Ice. You know, snow all year round! Haha, I know better now. Iceland experiences the whole four seasons. Seeing Iceland during its Summer or Spring never sounded half as exciting as seeing it during its Winter so I made up my mind two years ago to see Iceland when its cold. Now this dream is finally about to become my reality.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them

I leave for Iceland in 3 days! And because I have a thing for research, I put together a few things I came across and I think you should know before embarking on your Icelandic journey too!

10 Things To Know Before Visiting Iceland

  1. Languages Spoken.
    Its official language is Icelandic but  English, Norwegian, French, German, Swedish or Spanish are commonly used as well.  It will be nice to get familiar with the locals and score some points!

    Easy Phrases: Their greetings are commonly done in Icelandic.
    • Good day: Góðan dag                                 • What’s up?: Hvað segir þú?
    • Help, I am lost!: Hjálp ég ervilltur          • Yes: Ja

    • Thank you: Takk fyrir                                   •  Cheers: Skál!
  2. It is expensive.
    Apparently, my ticket and accommodation super steal deals might be a trap! LOL. I have read and now heard over and over how expensive things are in Iceland. I am not quite sure how much more expensive but it’s good to know that  Iceland is not budget friendly so whatever you set aside for a trip to Iceland. My advice, double it. 😀
  3. Credit cards over Cash
    You do not Iceland is an extremely cashless society and credit cards are accepted practically everywhere. Do not be too bothered about holding a lot of cash.
  4. Renting a car is a better option.
    Yeah, I’ll say ditch the organized tours and rent a car! The road trips in Iceland are supposedly epic! Its filled with so many attractions you’ll love having the liberty to stop anytime or take a little detour off the beaten path!
  5. GPS over Google Maps
    If you decide to go with the “rent a car” option, choose an actual map or a GPS  in Iceland.
  6. Wifi & Data
    You know you can’t survive without the internet and access to your social platforms. *wink* You’ll be happy to know that Iceland practically has free wifi everywhere and anywhere! 
  7. Buy your alcohol at duty-free
    It may be better to buy alcohol from the airport at duty-free as alcohol is never sold in supermarkets. Just bars, restaurants, and cafes. 
  8. The Weather
    The weather in Iceland is highly unpredictable. It is best to check the road condition and weather forecasts every day.
  9. The Blue Lagoon.
    If you intend to go to the blue lagoon (you should!) book your tickets in advance as tickets get sold out quickly.
  10. What to Pack.
    It is essential to pack while considering the temperature and if you are anything like me and intend to see Iceland when its cold, LAYERS. You want to keep warm as possible. Here are a few things you should take with you; a warm winter jacket, waterproof hiking shoes, knit cap, hats, beanies, gloves, scarves, swimsuits.(the blue lagoon)
    Extras: Waterproof case, GPS, thermal Flask (the cold is real), car chargers and as always loudspeakers (I have a thing for music too!)  
    Alas! It is time for me to see Iceland and validate everything I have seen, heard, read and imagined! Whilst I am away creating awesome content for you, check this Iceland inspired post and stay up to date with my travels on Instagram: @fnptravel. Do not forget to come back for the juicy details of my trip! Subscribe here to get a post notification 🙂

I cannot wait to share my Icelandic dream with you! Wish me luck! 😀
Thank you for reading.
Love Always,


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