“Things to do in Key West, Florida!” by Tobe U

Tobe, Onye, Amarachi, Chizoba and Nkeonyely have known each other for 15+ years.

Although they all live in the United states, this was their first getaway trip and lucky we get to read all about it!They decided to claim their states of residence in the pictures below 🙂 
Meet Tobe and her friends ❤️

1. Hey hunnies! Thank you so much for doing this. I’m excited!
Tell us, why did you choose Key West as a destination?  

Tobechukwu: LOL. Key West chose us.

Chizoba: I heard about Key West from an Uber Driver at Orlando, FL then a tourist sales representative at Miami, FL and we were sold with seeing pictures from Key West (indeed Key West chose us :))

Onyinye: My girlfriends suggested that we add Key West to our list of things-to-do whilst in Florida and I went with it. And I‘m so glad I did!

2.  So did you visit Key West for a particular event or activity? 

Tobechukwu: Not really, we made plans to visit Miami, FL to clock in the New Year and this plan brewed over from 2016 when we all attended a mutual friend’s wedding in New Jersey. After spending 24hours in Miami, we decided to etch another memory in our travel experience. It was only 3 hours away and we did it!

Chizoba: Our main trip was Miami but we included Key West after hearing some much about it and seeing nothing but blue water.

Onyinye: This trip had been in the works for some time now. We had a long list of adventure planned but moved things around to experience beautiful Key West.

3. What were your expectations ?

O: Prior to this trip, I never heard about Key West. But one look @ Key West on google images, I knew we were in for some fun!

T: Yeah, Google is our friend so we checked out “must do’s” in Key West.  We knew there was going to be lots of blue water, beaches and islands. Parasailing and “eat a frog or alligator” was on our to-do list, but we chose to do the first one.

C: We were spontaneous and open to trying new things at Key West with the help of Google and Waze.

Nkeonyelu: Social media sold Key West because when I heard about it from Tobe and Chizoba, I checked it out with an Instagram hashtag to see what people did when they visited.

4. Did your expectation meet your reality? And how?

T: Yassssss!!!  It was a thrilling experience. We parasailed with the Sunset Watersports at the Smathers Beach.  It was a packaged deal and was very affordable around $45.00 each for 30 minutes, pictures and free jokes.

C: We had plans to do Sunset Water Sports package deal activities (that includes parasailing, wind surfing, snorkeling kayaking, banana boat rides, jet skiing, knee boards, paddle boards etc) but we arrived Key West not in time to do the package deal (deal closes by noon). So we chose to walk around the beaches, see other attractions, do parasailing, enjoy the food and the culture which were pleasant and soothing.

O: Certainly, it did.

N: Also, we met an amazing family that made our parasailing experience remarkable and we later ran into them in the night when we went to tour Key West before leaving back to Miami.

5. Can you tell us a bit about the destinations culture?

T: Key west is very exclusive. It’s more like a vacation spot and slightly stinks of opulence. People are nice. I remember when we walked into a restaurant to eat and I looked at the menu in dismay and seriously said, “please do you guys have REAL food.” The woman looked at me, completely surprised and said, “we sell REAL food here.”  It was hilarious. I wanted rice and chicken, but they just had sandwiches. We took an uber and the cab drivers were nice—the first one gave us a discount.

C: Friendly and helpful people, nice finger food, fresh sea food, open and relaxing environment.

O: In the short amount of time I spent @ Key West, I noticed the locals are very friendly and accommodating. Also, art is really big in Key West- they have the most amazing sea shell collection I’ve ever seen plus a handful of restaurants have as part of their décor colorful license plates from all 50 states and the District of Columbia!

6. If you can tell us one thing to ensure we do when we get there what will it be?

T: Must visit the Southernmost spot which is 90 miles to Cuba. Walk. Less driving and more walking would help soak in the culture and also meet new people. Parasailing is definitely worth it and I recommend the Sunset Watersports. We didn’t have any prior appointment and we still got a spot. Food—my favorite. You must eat at “Good Turtle Kraals Food” Can you imagine—they had fried plantains and the tastiest grilled chicken. Definitely a YES. Take CASH with you.

C: I definitely will tell you to plan ahead and see more of Key West attractions. Key West has Light house & Keeper’s Quarters Museum, Southernmost Point, Smathers Beach, Butterfly & Nature Conservatory, Boat Tours & Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park. I guess it’s more than one thing to recommend. Have fun, do it all, it’s all part of the beautiful city!

O: Definitely visit the and take a picture (or two :)) at the Southernmost point buoy – that way you can say you’ve been to the southernmost tip of continental USA.

  1. 7. If you can tell us what not to do, what will that be?

T: GOING ALONE.  It’s a small place so I would advise you to share this experience with someone.

C: Enjoy the experience with family, friends or any loved ones.

O: Don’t rush the trip. Stay at least 3 or more days to take it all in. Key West has a lot to offer – museums, theatre, water sports, fine dining. You do not want to rush through this one, really!

  1. 8. Best/Cherished moments?

T: This is embarrassing, but I will say it.  So we drove to KeyWest and parked in a garage. We changed our wet clothes at the garage behind closed car doors. It was the silliest thing we did and I am glad I have that memory with me for life.

C: The view from Parasailing is amazing! Being up in the sky and hearing the sound of the wind, seeing the clear water, and the city view….PRICELESS!!!!

O: Not to sound cheesy but every moment on that trip was the best for me! Exploring a gorgeous city with my girlfriends is as good as it gets.

N: The most cherished moment was that I experienced Key West (including all that y’all mentioned) with my sisters. BEST MEMORY FOR A LIFETIME. The free jokes all through this trip.

  1. 9. Nay/Never Again moments

T: More time to plan the visit. We went there without adequate planning and we circled around a lot not knowing where we were. 

C: NONE…but we were on time crunch so we didn’t see all the attractions as expected. 🙁 

O: None that I can think of.

10. How many days did you spend and what was your budget?

T: We spent the entire day at there and our budget was $100 per person. We carpooled and we just spent money on gas, parking ($3.00/HR), and food.

C: Since some attractions are free, probably $100 to $150 per person as we didn’t spend a night at the hotel.

O: We spent an entire day @ Key West (next visit we’re surely staying over:) ). Our budget was about $100 and that included transportation and food.

11. Why do you travel?

T: Travelling is one of the few things that gives me pure joy. Undisputed. I love exposing myself to strangers and new places because that’s how best I learn about life, people and their culture. It makes me less judgmental and more accepting.

C: DITTO Life is too short not to travel, see new places, experience new culture, meet new people, learn new ideas/tricks, make memories and above all, benefit from the experience.

O: Traveling is therapeutic for me; it affords me the opportunity to escape the daily demands of work/school. Moreover, it allows me meet new people, learn about various cultures, and of course try out different cuisines.

N: To explore, meet people and bond more with the people you travel with and share the memories together.

12.  What’s your Favorite Life Quote? This can be related to anything.

T: I’d rather die once than die many times because of fear.

C: Definitely for this trip….the tans will fade but the memories will last forever 🙂 

O: When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

N: Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time! 

Love it! Lovely quotes too.Thanks again for sharing your experience and travel tips. To be honest, I just heard about Key West for the first time as well.

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  1. This was a fun read + I like the interview style!

    Key West is usually a great idea! The drive down there is beautiful, and all you see for about 7 miles is sky blue sea. I’ve been twice and I’m still trying to plan another visit.

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