IMG_0029I have always wanted to get involved in a “Color Run” activity.

You see, I think maybe from the second I came out of my Mum’s tummy- I started playing because I know no one who plays as hard as I do WHEN I do 🙂

but yeah, The 5k Color Run and The 5k Color Obstacle Rush happens every year in the UK and this year I was not going to miss out on one.

This year, I chose Color Obstacle Rush.

So I got a couple of friends together because what’s better than sharing moments with loved ones?
well, getting a group discount didn’t hurt 😉  haha!
you get to name your group as well. (we named ours Fired Up)

It’s a 5k run with about 20 obstacles.
To us, it was the best of both worlds.
We get to exercise (keep fit/stay healthy) and have FUN too!IMG_0031My friend and I were talking about how this was a rather expensive sort of “play”to have as the ticket costs about 40 pounds and you have to make sure you’re ready to part with whatever you wear during the activity or just buy cheap new clothes.

I decided to buy cheap news clothes, no way was I letting go of any of my existing outfits/clothes 🙂
I made a trip to Primany Primark, got a pair of white shoes for 3 pounds, trousers for 7 pounds and you get a color rush top at the event; so that was settled.IMG_0385

We were set, we got to the venue and we were immediately infected by the rush and excitement!
We couldn’t wait to join in.

I won’t make this post too long because I’m sure the pictures and the video speak for themselves. This is one activity I think everyone should experience at least once.
It is worth every penny.


Well, I’m seated now, writing this post a day after the event and my entire body aches! (haha!)
that just shows how unfit I am 🙁

So, I’ve decided to visit the gym at least twice a week.
Stay Healthy!






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