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Hey Guys!

Super excited here! You’ll soon find out why 🙂 
A friend of mine was getting married in Sri Lanka and my brother’s birthday also fell between the timeframe.
It was perfect.
The perfect reason to visit yet another country.


It was a 9-day trip and visiting the country’s capital was not until day 8.
To give a better feel and insight to my trip, I’ve decided to give you a summary per day. 🙂 

p.s: I traveled via an agency (Atken Spence Travel) who provided a driver and an itinerary.

Day 1 

I arrived the airport in Colombo where the driver from the agency, Warona picked me up. We then drove to Negombo, Sri Lanka which had me feeling nostalgic as it was a tad rural and reminded me of my village in Anambra, Nigeria.
I then headed to The Beach Boutique Hotel. After settling in, I headed to the beach right behind the hotel.
It’s not a popular beach but I totally loved it!




Day 2

My brother and I woke up to a really good breakfast and we were served by the most amazing staff (picture moment here!)


We then set out to Pinnawela to see the elephants being fed at the Elephant Orphanage (Must-Do!)


Day 3

I decided to go to a shrine today

sri3Haha, well if you decide to go to the Kataragama Temple, be aware of the no shoes, no legs and no shoulders rule


Day 4

Today on our itinerary was the Tea Plantation tour but first, we set out to the shooting range in Nuwara Eliya (Victoria Park)

We then went into the city to find a wedding outfit as we had decided to wear something traditional.

The weather got chilly so we had to buy these jumpers (twinning!)
The weather got chilly so we had to buy these jumpers (twinning!)

We finally headed for the Tea Plantation. (Must- Do!)


Tea is the major export in Sri Lanka
Tea is a major export in Sri Lanka

I also visited the Buddhist Temple


Day 5

Today, we visited a precious stone museum, the Parasamma Gem Center and attended the wedding! #MelSang.

It's owner Amarasena is the grandfather of the groom (Sang) of the wedding we'd later attend. He also let us watch the processes (so cool!)
It’s owner Amarasena, is the grandfather of the groom (Sang) of the wedding we’d later attend. He also let us watch the processes (so cool!)

Afterward, we got ready for the wedding!
This was My first Sri Lankan wedding

In fact, my first ever Asian wedding so my brother
 (@fashionsibs) and I decided to go all out and do it right!



Mel & Sang's wedding
Mel & Sang’s wedding

So many of the guests wanted to take photos with me. I guess it was because they didn’t expect my look from me.

Day 6

Whoooop! Today was my brother’s birthday.

Warona showed up with balloons :)
Warona showed up with balloons 🙂

We also changed hotels to the most amazing resort in Sri Lanka, the Madukelle Tea Eco Lodge.

At some point we had to get to the resort via a 'tuk tuk'
At some point we had to get to the resort via a ‘tuk tuk’
Lanre’s Birthday Dinner

Day 7

Today we visited the Spice Garden and also went to the safari to see the elephants


Day 8

We went back to Colombo, the country’s capital and  proceeded to Sigiriya to climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress.



Off to Colombo, country’s capital for Cinamon Red hotel

Day 9

Last day in Sri Lanka! We headed to the airport and the boarding lady put a strike through my seat number and said “congratulations you’ve been upgraded to Business Class”
I mean..?

It was an amazing flight.

I hope you enjoyed my journey in Sri Lanka half as much as  I did 🙂

Thank you for readin

Metrogypsie also has an interesting vlog of Sri Lanka on her Youtube Channel
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