Whoop! I always, always wanted to go to China. So you can imagine how I jumped at the opportunity when my mum asked me to accompany her (hell yeah!).

My Everything

So you see, before I got to China, I had this picture in my head (I really wonder why)

Maybe because “Made in China”

I legit thought there would be loads of markets around where they just sell and make everything! You know, I thought stuff will be Soooo cheap (the world goes there for business) and extremely overpopulated- like you walk on the street and feel like an ant.

Forgive my Ignorance please.

Nope! It wasn’t that, well not too far off but it did not seem that populated every time I was out and I did not find markets everywhere I turned to.

China Guangzhou was really good. I would say beautiful but I don’t want you thinking Thailand or Dubai beautiful, but for what it’s worth, I went to some really beautiful areas.

From the start, it seemed like my trip was structured to frustrate me. My baggage got lost, language was definitely a barrier! and it seemed like it was never going to stop raining.

>> That didn’t last long <<

I got my baggage the next day. Prior to that, I had the perfect excuse to go shopping *big grin*  It stopped raining and I had a friend who was determined that I had an awesome time the few days he was still in China before moving away.

China is a fascinating country and everything seemed so different to me.

They (Chinese) wouldn’t stop staring and I couldn’t tell if they were scared or just curious.

(you’ll find yourself being a tourist attraction/celebrity -people secretly and openly taking pictures of/with you).

>> Bare cruise <<

I had a fabulous time in China and I can’t wait to share the pictures with you all. But first, here are my two cents when it comes to China:

  • Download a VPN (ExpressVPN)- because if you are anything like me, you would hate not having access to Google, Instagram, Snapchat and the likes
  • Download the Metro Application- helps getting around easy!
  • Download the “HiGuangzhou App” (depending on the city)
  • Have a translator App- This could save your life
  • Find a friend, make a friend, get a friend- lol anyone who could give you the inside scoops (but hey! I’m happy to be that friend 🙂 )

P.S- This is my version of China…

What’s yours?



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  1. The staring part is something I also noticed on my first trip to India. Visited a small city called Anand, Gujarat. I almost thought I was a celebrity and the best part was when some people walked up to me and requested to take pictures with me.
    I should finally make a proper Asian tour soon…maybe attend a Chinese colleagues wedding coming up soon…
    Just wondering translator app?? to do what exactly?

    1. Hi Dicey,

      Oh, that’s interesting.. fancy telling us about your experience in Gujarat, India?
      Yeah you totally should go for that wedding, I bet it’ll be fun!
      The translator app is mainly for communication as it is not an English speaking country and you may struggle a lot with that.


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