Marrakech happened on a whim.
Last summer I had the opportunity to study abroad and explore the gulf region of the Middle East.
My wonderful experience in Kuwait, Qatar and UAE piqued my interest in Arab/Middle Eastern culture, especially as an artist.IMG_2713

The journey to Marrakech began in Boston while I was planning to visit a childhood friend in the UK. We had also booked a week stay in Greece to commemorate my recent graduation (BC ’16 woo!).
About a month before I left, my friend, knowing my fascination with the culture, randomly found a bundle deal for Marrakesh, Morocco.
I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.IMG_2664

On arrival to the “red city” HOT and tired from our flight, we had our first encounter bargaining with taxi drivers. Actually, they had these taxi driver representative that negotiated the prices for the drivers.IMG_2502


Travel Tip: Book a transfer/shuttle in advance. Taxi drivers know you’re desperate. 

I was a little skeptical about access to food and drinks because it was Ramadan season but surprisingly, it was quite easy to get food almost everywhere we went. The best part was the freshly squeezed orange juice… literally everywhere.


The first evening, we walked down to the Jamaa el-Fnaa, the city centre.
The bustling vibe and colourful palette of the Medina is breathtaking.
It was after iftar so many people had just come back from praying at Koutobia mosque.
The colourful palette of the Medina was even more intensified by the energy of the people dancing, selling, buying, and performing.
Walking the winding passages of the souk bargaining, laughing and making memories.
In the souk, I learned that saying ‘No’ was never enough to avoid vendors’ relentless efforts to get you to buy their merchandise/services, especially little kids that sold tissue (they follow you everywhere).IMG_2743
We really didn’t have an itinerary for the trip, it was sort of a nomadic experience, and we just woke up each day and planned the activities. But after the first day, we had subconsciously adopted a routine – eat breakfast at hotel, chill till around 2pm when the sun isn’t TOO harsh, then go out for activities. Of course, we always ended up at the souk at night.
We hired a driver for the 4 days we were in Marrakesh. He approached us on our second day to give a tour of the city and after agreeing on a price, he came back for the following days.IMG_2614
It was nice to have a tour guide because he showed us places like the traditional pharmacy, the Palmeraie and the French area.
He also helped us negotiate prices for activities.
Here’s a list of some of the activities we did:
– Camel riding
– Quad biking
– Jardin Majorelle
-The Bahia palace


For 5 days and 4 nights, the trip cost (150GBP/ 200USD)
For activities and food I spent about 1500DHS (~ 120GBP/ 170USD)
the exchange rates were different each time lol #brexit








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