I remember laughing while Amma told me about her expectations versus her reality at Madagascar.
To be honest, I would have totally thought the same thing but thankfully, I know better now.
P.S. If you’re a “foodie” you’ll like this too.

I had the opportunity to go to Antananarivo, Madagascar for work which is always very exciting as my work trips are always the cheapest ways for me to see Africa. 😀
8 African countries and counting 😀 Aren’t I lucky? 

Firstly, I’ll like to point out that I was completely blindsided by the movie Madagascar. You know the one with all the Penguins and King Julien (don’t laugh at me, I wasn’t the only one blindsided).So yeah, I was expecting warm weather, beach sunsets, bikini vibes and basically, everything in the movie. In fact, I was so expectant that I did not do my usual checks before traveling (weather forecast, fun things to do, etc). So you can imagine my surprise at the chill that met my bones as soon as I came out of the plane.
Apparently, just like South Africa, May is the beginning of their Winter. At this point, all I could do was laugh at myself.

On that note, please check the weather forcast of anywhere you are going to 🙂 

Although I was in Madagascar for 5 days, work took a huge chunk of my time but I still managed to see the city and squeeze some tourist activities. In my opinion, there’s not much to do in Madagascar (well, except you’re into cycling and animals). Most places were also shut down for the season due to the weather (sigh) but I was able to have a full day at the Lemur park which was a 45mins drive from the Ibis hotel.

My very own King Julien ?

My best moments were really about the food. The amazing food. It was so good and soooo cheap! Yes, I love food. Permit me to flood this post with a few of my favorite dishes and when you do find yourself here, I’ll recommend you try at Dzama cocktail café (Rum based restaurant) and Tana waterfront food court.


The Malagasy people are really simple and humble. Everyone is really nice and helpful especially when they come across a tourist. Not so many people speak English as they speak Malagasy and French.
Thankfully, I had a few french phrases up my sleeve (Haha, thank you Transafrique).

I should also point out that everything is really cheap here and you should definitely visit the lemur park.
When I do go back, I’ll definitely be going in the summer and also staying at the Tamboho hotel. ?

Thank you for reading and I bet you won’t make the same mistake I did!

With love,
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