The month of October was surprisingly a very social month for me.
A little background story here: Since I moved to the UK, I would say my social life went from a strong 10 to a 3. I’m not particularly sure why but something about staying indoors became so attractive. I blame this age thing. That must be it…

Anyway, October was fabulous. I also sort of made that “I am making the rest of the year, the best of the year” resolution. You know, that time you have to make the year count. Go back to the vision board and check what is yet to be attained. I think I am on track. Well, so help me God.
This is not a chatty post so I will get right to it. Here are a few pictures from my month of October.
Enjoy xx

This was a really good day!
When on a shopping spree
Chased street art!
Learnt how to make mojitos!
Spent hours chasing colourful houses
Anita had a birthday photoshoot

Attended Festival Of Life! Amazing, Beautiful Experience.
Attended a wedding with KitKat
I finally saw Nathaniel Bassey sing my best song!
Good Food X Good Conversation
Bonded over a show!
Bonded over drinks
And I’m off to ICELAND!

My October to remember.
I hope you never forget that life is a journey and nothing is “just a coincidence”
There’s always a reason.
I am really looking forward to what the months of November and December have to offer!
Something tells me they’ll both be spectacular! And yours too!

Thank you for reading.
Love Always,





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  1. Lol I just moved back to London too and has the exact same experience. It’s def not an age thing, I think it’s the weather and the lack of social events like Lagos … I miss it!

    • Feyikoya Reply

      Actually, maybe! Hahah. I miss Lagos too! Summer is around the corner anyway 😝*crying*

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