Travelling is my absolute favourite thing to do but of all the islands I’ve visited,
Mykonos is easily one of the most beautiful.

 My friend had a Schengen visa to use and asked a few of us if we’d join him on a trip
so it wouldn’t go to waste – 2 weeks later we were on the island!


Our hotel was a traditionally styled Greek hotel, at the top of a hill,
with whitewashed walls (both inside and out), covered in flowers and overlooking the sea
but only a few minutes away from the ‘hora‘ which is the Greek word for ‘town’
and basically where everything is.
I honestly felt like I was in the middle of a postcard!

Hotel grounds

Yay moment

If you enjoy the good life – and by this,
I mean great food, great beaches and great nightlife you will love Mykonos.
It’s like Ibiza (which I also loved!) equally expensive but less crowded and much classier.

I’m a foodie at heart so I’ll have to include some recommendations!
Mamalouka is one of the best restaurants on the island.
It’s quite pricey but it’s worth it.
Warning: Almost all the restaurants are heavy on seafood
so if you aren’t a fan you might struggle but it is literally to die for.

Travel tip: Sample some traditional greek ‘Ouzo’ and also give the local wine a try, it’s not world famous but I personally loved it.
For cheaper specialities – Gyros and Souvlaki kebabs are delish, you can always diet when you get home :-p

Local wine

Must- Do’s

The beaches are STUNNING.
Strangely, to reach most of them you have to find your way up a mountain and down again.
My favourite was Paradise beach (home to Super Paradise beach club)
but Kalafatis and Elia beaches were lovely too.
There are parties on the beaches every day and most nights.
We were there for the opening week so the clubs were fairly quiet
but lots of famous DJ’s head out there between June and September.
If you only go to one – Club Paradiso or Tropicana would be my pick.

Beach 1
Tropicana beach

Outside of the beaches, Little Venice is the place to go out – it’s all on the water and there are loads of places to dance (and eat).
Also no entry fees so you can try before you buy!


Santorini is only a couple of hours away and not very expensive to get to
but the ferries only run once a day so we didn’t have time to do this.
This is a total must do if you have the time to spend a night of your trip there.
For a shorter trip, try Delos – its only 30 mins away.

Mykonos port (delos pick up point)
Delos pick up point.

More Travel tips
*Take comfy shoes – Mykonos is covered in hills, and cars aren’t really able to move around the main town so expect to do lots of walking.


*Arrive with cash! Sounds obvious but there is no Uber in Mykonos!
*Rent a car – Greeks drive like Lagosians…but on mountains.
If you are a confident driver this is the best way to explore Mykonos outside of the main town.

Our ride for the day

simple moments
Much love



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