IMG_7986It’s about time I round up my China Series yeah?
Yeah, I think so too 🙂
It’s my little way of reliving the moments…

In this post I will be sharing with you, my random moments in China.
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The Chen Chen Temple
I got a souvenir of my name written in Chinese here!

oh, my bad , *focus*
The Chen temple is definitely worth the visit, it’s got great works of intricate carvings of Wood and Ivory (I was fascinated by the level of detail) It’s a “family temple” and was originally built by a group of Chen family members to support their children to study for the government tests, over hundred years ago. It’s also got a mini souvenir shop which was where I got my name written(totally love it- it hangs in my bedroom I do hope it means “Feyikoya” for real – haha)


Shamian island

Source: Google Images

A little history, Shamian island was an important port for Guangzhou’s foreign trade and it means “sandy surface” in Chinese. I’m glad I got to see the island  as it’s beautiful. Unfortunately or fortunately it was raining but that surely did not stop me (I think the rain made me play more- you know, dancing in the rain. haha)IMG_9407IMG_7678 (2)

Train stations
The major train stations for intercity travel are HUGE!, you would think it’s an international airport

This is literally not up to half of the station


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The ticket office area

Bicycles & Tricycles
Here, bicycles were more than just bicycles- I mean literally anything and everything was transported with a bicycle- it was fascinating. They were literally reconstructed/customised to carry anything- Everything!

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oh, hello! 🙂

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These are not my pictures but believe it, it’s real!

More friends 🙂IMG_8814-1 Processed with VSCO with g3 preset


More Random…

Love this bar!
It’s even prettier in person
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Metro Tokens
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All things Hair and Makeup!


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X   Till we meet again China  X


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