Why Marrakech?

I asked myself  “Where can I go where the food is good, the people are friendly, and their language is foreign?”

Okay, If you are also looking for a quick “get-me-out-of-British-weather” getaway, look no further.
Marrakech is only a 3.5-hour flight away!
Marrakech counted as part of a personal adventure to visit at least three new cities a year and to add to my
“I heart *insert city name*” white tee shirts collection.
Oh, and in case you were wondering “Salam et Salut” means Hello!
Salam(Arabic)  Salut (french) 
The two spoken languages.
When planning a trip to Marrakech, you have a choice of staying in the Old Town or the New Town, or maybe both.
In Old town, you’d stay in a Riad and live amongst the locals while New Town has got the fancy hotels and western architecture.
I chose Old Town.
My Riad was literally amongst the locals.
My neighbours were local tailors.

It is best if you book a round trip shuttle (11-15 GBP) in advance to take you to your accommodation, but if you feel like haggling, you might just catch a cabbie in a generous mood.  

Since I traveled alone, I figured I’d spontaneously plan my itinerary for my 4 night / 5-day visit.
I booked an all-day city tour (with lunch, which was glorious),
a 2.5 hour body scrub and massage (highly recommend)
and a traditional dinner with belly dancers (all booked online via expedia).

Old Town has this place called Jamaa ell-Fnna, or affectionately known as “The Square”.
During the day, you’d find all types of products to buy, or perhaps a trip around the city on a horse-and-carriage.
By night, the place is unrecognisable.
It’s amazingly vibrant, energetic and full of life!

I experienced an outdoor live concert, and was later transfixed by Arabic storytellers; old women drawing crowds, animatedly voicing anecdotes about yesteryear, and monkey charmers cheekily seeking your attention.
Be careful though, no photos allowed (unless you tip heavily).

 And the food.
Affordable, yet tasty.
The spot with the tastiest tagine is Babkich Café, yards from the Square.
The food and atmosphere was so good, I returned three times.

A few days before my departure, after dinner at Babkich, I stumbled into the store of a local man named Houssine, and after some light hearted conversation over Moroccan whiskey, I booked a mountain tour where the Berber people live, as it turned out, he also happened to be a tour guide.

This experience completed my trip, as it was breathtaking to be amongst the Berbers, who are native Moroccan.
That was by far the most spontaneous activity I did, and I certainly made a new friend in Houssine.
I guess the planet is not so lonely after all.

Thank you for reading.

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