So I asked Chinyere to describe her experience in South Africa with one word and she said, Magical.
Wow, I usually don’t get that.
I couldn’t wait to hear why.
Lucky, Chi’ shares this with us

Hey Chi! So you know I had to get you on here with your Instagram pictures giving me all sorts of wanderlust!

Chi: Hahaha!

So why did you pick South Africa as a destination?

Chi: South Africa (Cape Town/ Durban) was chosen as our destination because we came across an amazing deal to fly from New York to Cape Town and the Essence Festival was going to be held in Durban around the same time so we decided to make it a girl’s trip!


Ouuh, Essense Festival, What’s that about? How did it go?

Chi: The Essence Festival was a great event, especially it being their first time doing it in Durban. There were guest speakers such as Steve Harvey, Beyonce’s mommy, Tina Lawson, Estelle and much more. The food, the shopping and the shows were amazing. Essence Festival really displayed the culture of South Africa, while also pushing their own platforms such a beauty, women empowerment, business and much more.


What expectations did you have before going to SA?

Chi: I honestly had no idea what to expect going to South Africa. I was just on the internet googling everything and what I saw looked amazing but the pictures do not compare to the real deal!

Haha, the precious internet, don’t we all!

Please tell us a bit about South Africa, first expressions, anything 🙂 

Chi: Cape Town is ridiculously beautiful and peaceful, full of beachy vibes. If you have ever been to Los Angeles in California, Cape Town is a combination of The Hills and Santa Monica put together. Standing on the beach you see clear blue water (that is really cold!) and in the opposite direction you see hills of beautifully designed houses and mountains right behind them. As for Durban, it is more of an urban feel and more cultural vibes. We bought a lot of “made is South Africa” goodies in Durban for what felt like a steal!

What’s their culture like?

Chi: What I learned about the culture is that there are many tribes and languages. I particularly fell in love with these cultural beads that are very popular and mean something to the people. The local people make extremely lovely canvas paintings as well and I definitely went home with a few!


If you can tell us one thing to ensure we do when in SA, what would it be?

Chi: There are a whole lot of things to do but one of my top of the list things to do is take a walking tour through Bo-Kaap, which is a neighbor in Cape Town filled with different colored houses. I’ve never seen a neighborhood so colorful and vibrant in my life!

Aah, the colorful houses! Between me and you that’s one reason why I need to see Capetown?

Chi: If you’re not a walker the next best thing is to go on a wine tasting tour to Hidden Valley Wines


Anything you’ll like to warn us on?

Chi: There’s almost  nothing I’ll tell you not to do in Cape Town or Durban. If anything, I wouldn’t recommend going into the water at the beach because it is usually cold, like very cold, so I wouldn’t recommend that.

Most cherished moment?

Chi: My best cherished moment was going to the top of Table Mountain which is one of the Seven Wonders of Nature!

Sometimes, we have some not so good moments. Did you have any?

Chi: Yeah, It was  the moment when I got caught  up in a very intense wind while walking through Camps Bay, which is neighborhood by the beach. 

How many days did you spend and what was your budget?

Chi: I spent a total of ten days, six in Cape Town & four in Durban. I would say I spent about $500 on food, expenses, gift and shopping. I am an absolute foodie so it was pretty cool that a high-end multi-course meal only set me back $30.

Thank you so much for doing this Chi! One last thing, Why do you travel?

Chi: I travel because I want to experience new surroundings and new people. I like chasing new adventures and seeing new things. I feel the world is too big for me to stay in the same place for too long.

Aah wait! Got any favourite life quotes?

Chi: Sure! it’s  by Audrey Hepburn, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible”. It is a constant reminder to live life to the fullest and go after any dream or goal you may feel is not obtainable.

I’m Possible… I needed that *hugs*

Thank you for reading.
I hope you make a decision to see South Africa.
It was indeed Magical…

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  1. I’m going to Cape Town next week and I cannot wait. Reading this made me even more excited!

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      Whooop! How did Cape town go?! So happy you found this right before your trip 💞

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