My girlfriends and I decided to go to Maltese Islands (Malta,Gozo and Comino) on a whim, we wanted to top our last holiday to “Croatia” and very few locations seemed promising.

Apart from the sheer physical beauty of Croatia and the vibrancy of its people, we had been in the same hotel as the “Game Of Thrones” cast and had been invited on set by the creative directors.

That experience was TOTALLY out of this world (stick around to read all about Croatia) and from there, we could only go onwards and upwards! haha.
So we chose the next random location with the hope of having an equally exhilarating experience…

We arrived in Malta at night and after checking into Le Meridien St Julians Hotel in St Julian’s bay, we set out to explore the city. We were surprised to find out we had arrived just in time for the annual fireworks festival.
The streets were buzzing with people dressed in elaborate costumes symbolic of their catholic heritage (weirdly, it’s a Christian country but Maltese speak Arabic).
We headed to Paceville for our first meal and I had the most amazing spaghetti with rabbit sauce at Gululu

(highly recommended).
My first impression of Malta was very pleasant, from the palm trees at the airport (I love palm trees!) to the very friendly cab driver and my rabbit!
Couldn’t have asked for more.


 The nightlife is quite unique, basically, the Maltese don’t sleep.
All the clubs, discos and bars are situated in Paceville which is a 15 minute walk from Le Meridien.
Alternatively, you can get a cab for about 10 euros.
We really enjoyed the music and ambiance at Havana Club and danced the night (or rather several nights) away with other holidayers and locals.
Gianpula is meant to be good too but we never quite made it there.

Yay Moments
 Swimming in the clear blue Mediterranean sea and exploring the exotic caves at Gozo and Comino Islands.
 The thrilling powerboat ride at the blue lagoon (RIDE OF MY LIFE!!! It was so much fun)
 The spectacular view of the Azure Window (It is breathtaking!)
 Dancing away at Havana.
 Taking in the stunning architecture at Mdina and Malta’s capital, Valetta.


Nay Moment

St Georges Bay beach was the only beach we visited and although the scenery was impressive, it was quite crowded and shallow end of the beach was saturated with seaweed.
Not the best swim.



Travel Tips

 The best way to explore the cities is the Hop-on-Hop-off sightseeing bus. We visited Mdina, Valetta and Sliema. The islands are best explored by ferry or powerboat.
 If you go in August like I did, always have coins in hand to top up on slush. It must have been 28 – 30 degrees Celsius
 Go to the citadel in the heart of Victoria on Gozo Island for a breathtaking view of Malta.
 We spent 3 nights but I would recommend you spend at least 5 nights to get the most out of your holiday.

 GOZO and COMINO islands are an absolute “MUST SEE”. Get your tickets in advance, we got ours from our hotel.



More Tips
 Wear a pair of comfortable and durable shoes when visiting Gozo and Comino as you will do a lot of climbing.
 Take a packed lunch if you’re catching a ferry to Gozo.
 If you’re into ceramics and glass, you will find a plethora of beautifully crafted pieces in St Julians and Paceville. I wish I could have bought them all but my luggage limit didn’t permit.

  Le Meridien Hotel rate was 225 euros per night.
  For 3 nights, I’d say we spent about £300 each excluding souvenirs.


Now, I certainly would love to visit Malta especially during the fireworks festival
How about you?

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