“You know, you may not be born in Puerto Rico, but Puerto Rican is definitely born in you.”
“With gorgeous pictures, let’s dive into Fae’s Puerto Rican experience”

After three back to back sessions of semesters and less than a week break in between, it was only right to treat myself to a vacation.
Luckily, I didn’t have to go alone.
My boyfriend came along as well as he also needed a break from work.
Puerto Rico had been on my bucket list for a while now.

It has a lot of Spanish culture and landmarks like Old San Juan the magical city with beautiful streets and bright colors.
It was more than the perfect place to go in the middle of August.



I made an itinerary of the things I wanted to do in San Juan like I always do anytime I go on vacation.

Have an Itinerary


I planned my itinerary using Triphobo.com for 8days and 7nights.
We got to do almost everything on my itinerary, surprisingly the things we did were also recommended by some friends we made in Puerto Rico.
That’s always a bonus.
Some of the fun activities we engaged in are zip lining, ATV, a boat ride which included snorkeling while also visiting one of the most beautiful beaches in the world Flamenco Beach.




 On our last day, we decided to dial it down by hitting one of the best spas I have ever been.

We got a full body massage, manicure and pedicure and more.


Our budget was 5 thousand dollars and we ended up spending 4 thousand.
This budget also includes all the fun activities and grocery shopping for our Airbnb Apartment, which was a few steps away from Condado beach.



 We also rented a convertible to get a full on vacation feel, best choice ever!
We got to feel the Puerto Rican breeze in full force.
It also attracted a lot of people and we made some friends with it.



We will definitely be going back and I can’t wait.

I do hope you take a chance and visit Puerto Rico, It’s Amazing!



Thank you for reading!


“The universe keeps pointing me to Puerto Rico. Haha, how about you?
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section” ?

Fae also has a Puerto Rico vlog on her YouTube Channel 
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