The Ultimate Packing Checklist + Tips!

 Hey Guys!

I leave for Prague tomorrow and I’m super excited!
I figured it was the perfect moment to share my “Ultimate Packing Checklist” with you, and show you how I like to pack my luggage plus the tricks and tips I use!

I made this video specially for you 🙂

 The 3 things I consider before I pack for a trip are:

WHERE I’m going?  (weather, culture)
WHAT activities I’ll be doing? (water/beach activities, skiing, hiking, sightseeing) and
HOW LONG I’ll be going for? (3-10days)

These 3 questions will give you a context on the exact things you will need at your destination.

Packing Tips

Here are a few of my fav packing Tips!

  1.  Have a packing list or just use mine
  2. Get a lightweight luggage
  3. Lay out and plan your outfits. This way you don’t over pack or take a bunch of items you cannot wear together
  4. Wrap your breakables with your clothes or put them inside your shoes
  5. Ensure you have all your valuable/irreplaceable items with you just in case your luggage gets stuck in transit or lost *knocks on wood*
  6. Leave your bulky jackets and boots at home and if you must take them, try to wear/hold them with you to the airport (trainers, boots, jackets, that unfoldable beach hat)
  7. Pack your makeup and toiletries tight so nothing breaks – use a zip lock bag for liquids
  8. Bring earplugs and chewing gum for the take-off moment
  9. Attach your neck pillow to your hand luggage/handbag
  10. Fully charge all technology before leaving
  11. Roll your clothes into your luggage instead of folding
  12. Don’t forget your passport and boarding pass!

Safe Travels.

As Promised, Click the Images below to download your Printable Packing List!
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 23.23.13                                                          Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 23.22.23


I’ll also be making a Vlog while I’m in Prague!
Can’t wait to experience this with you!

Thank you, for visiting my blog. I hope you stick around.
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  1. How am I just seeing this? I love, love the video. I really struggle with packing so I found these these tips really helpful. I also use this website: It’s really great for getting a list after you put in details like location, length of stay, etc. If you haven’t already, you should check it out. Good job Feyi.

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