7 things to consider for the Easter Holidays!

As I finally conclude my easter holiday plans to Portugal, I am super excited so I’ve decided to infect you too!
I’ve never had such a detailed plan as I have for this trip so I definitely cannot wait to share.
But yes, It’s almost Easter! What have you got planned? Did you even consider going somewhere?

Well if you haven’t, you’re in luck!

Seeing that it’s 3days to Easter and you probably will not be thrilled at ticket prices, perhaps it’s best to explore locally.
Here’s a list of activities you should consider doing for the holidays:

Things to do for Easter

1. Visit a nearby Beach

Get yourself a partner or a group of friends and escape from the city’s hustle and bustle and visit a nearby beach. You can either go to; (Lagos) Inagbe Grand resorts, Ilashe beach, La Campagne Tropicana and Tarkwa Bay beach. (London) Brighton beach, Camber sands and Tankerton beach. (Newyork) Rockaway beach, Jones beach and Corney Island beach. Bask in the sun, immerse your feet in the ocean and indulge in the countless beach activities. Trust me, it’ll be fun!

2. Have a Picnic

Maybe you already decided to have a picnic at the beach, maybe you didn’t, but having a picnic at the park with a group of friends will be divine. Think about it… Food, drinks, music, games, Inside jokes and good banter. If anything, it’ll be plus to “memories”. So yeah, text/call your friend right now and make a plan. 😉
If you decide to go to Hyde Park (London) you can even throw in a bit of cycling. 🙂

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3. Go Easter Egg Hunting

What’s Easter without Easter eggs? No seriously, it’s a real question. An eggless easter? (Lol, I tried)
I hope you don’t think easter egg hunts are just for kids? But yeah, throw in a bit of fun and twist to Easter and go egg hunting! You can either create one for yourselves (at the picnic) or depending on your location, join in on this fun! Lagos, London, Newyork. I personally will like to go egg hunting in a museum 🙂

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4. Visit an Art Gallery

I’ll like to believe we all have an artsy side. Yes? I think it’s healthy to fuel this once in a while. Maybe you’re not into art at all. It could be a good time to try it out. Besides half the time, it’s free! I particularly love to visit the Tate Morden as it’s really close to work but here are a few you could try; (Lagos) Nike Art Gallery, REle Art Gallery and Terra Culture. (London) Barbican Art Gallery, National Gallery and Tate Morden. (Newyork) David Zwirner Gallery, Agora Gallery and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

5. Go Quad Biking/Kayaking and Jet Skiing!

I particularly love the thrill of these 3 activities so I think you should try it too! (Lagos) Lekki Leisure Lake. London

6. Ride a horse! 

I’ve always wanted to go horse riding but I keep procrastinating. Don’t be like me. Try it out! If you’re in Lagos, you should definitely get in on this horse riding experience  It’s an hour long riding experience and you’ll be paired with a horse that is suited to your experience, ability and confidence. Not to worry you also get trained if you haven’t done this before. (London),(Newyork)

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7.  Do what you’ve always wanted to!

There are countless activities to try out this easter and yes you might just want some rest and relaxation but at least set out one day for an activity. Tour your city, go to the cinema, go to the theatre, visit friends and family, EAT, go shopping or window shopping (lol) whatever it is, be happy.
Between me and you, I just want you to have an amazing break.
I know I will 😉

Thank you for reading.
With love,
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