Dear Dubai,
twice you’ve been good to me and I have no doubt that number 3 will be anything less than awesome.
This is my appreciation message. I hope you deem it fit.

“You met my expectations in 2013 and surpassed it in 2015.
When I spell B-E-A-U-T-Y, I think you.
From Touchdown to Check in,
I couldn’t take my eyes off  you
from the pristine and extra wide roads to the ultramodern buildings
Oh, the joy when I saw the 830m tall Burj Khalifa.
You are indeed a special city.
The lively nightlife scene and the oh so blazing sun.
The Luxurious hotels and that huge Mall
No wonder it’s the land of the rich,
and of course you would have over 10million tourists each year
Everyone wants a piece of you.
And no, I will not forget to talk about your dancing fountain
with lights choreographed to music.
So many activities I have done, so much more to conquer.
The Atlantis, that kiss from the dolphins, Wild-Wadi, The Sahara-
Watching the Belly dancers while having that awesome Shisha.
Quad-Biking, Camel Riding and just the drive through the Sahara.
Having my entire family, made it all more special.
Thank you, Dubai.
Till we meet again.
Love, Fey”

15 Things To Do When In Dubai

1. Food, Friends, Fun at Wild Wadi!


2. Kiss the dolphins at the Atlantis

 3. Attend a Wedding 


4. Be a part of the Lively Nightlife (Get Faded! Haha)


5. Go on a boat cruise (the view is amazing)


6. Take a Ferry to the Gold Souk


7. Desert Safari!

Don’t forget to watch the Belly Dancers, Fire Dancers, get a Henna and have shisha at the Desert Safari

8. Go Quad Biking

               9. Live in one of the Luxurious Hotels

(have an amazing view, chill by the poolside, wake up to amazing breakfast)

     Conrad, Dubai


  Jumeirah, Dubai


10. Go on a Camel Ride


11. Dress Up! (Go to the Jumeirah Mosque)


12. Go Sky Diving! (Do It!)


13. Make a New Friend


14. Visit a Family 🙂


15. Take an awesome picture from the plane when leaving!


Okay, I tried to stop but there’s so much to do!
16. Shop in the Dubai Mall
17. Watch the Dancing Fountains
18. Go to the Beach
19. Visit Burj Khalifa (get a room, have dinner, get drinks)
20. Go Back To Dubai!



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  1. I needed this list right now! Off to Dubai next month, slowly on a count down. Definately tryn out everything on here including shark diving ?.

    Lol at attend a wedding in Dubai. That’s true dou, there’s always a wedding there.

    Pls check out my blog:

    1. Feyy

      Yay! Awesome!
      I’m really glad you found this useful.
      Omg, once you do try the shark diving, tell me about it!
      Will check out your blog. Thank you Ifiok!


    1. Hahah! Yes @ Nigerian weddings and Dubai. Awesome!! Thank you for giving me more reasons to make my 3rd Dubai Trip! Shark diving sounds scary though *shivers*


  2. Dicey

    It’s unbelievable how people say they visit Dubai and don’t find it interesting. Dubai is definitely not a city with century old history but then having lived there made realize you simply can’t run out of new activities to do. Ice skating all year long, sailing, swimming, jet skiing, bungee jumping, car racing, horse racing, camel racing…the list is simply endless…Dubai is simply your future imagination in your present view…

    1. I absolutely agree with you Dicey! Thank you for mentioning more things to do!
      It’s the one place I know I can go to over and over again and never get bored or run out of activities.


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