Thailand did it for me.
This was it.
The unrefined, genuine level of happiness.
One that is not a result of someone or something but just being alive, alive to experience it all.
I decided to never stop living, never stop seeing, never stop travelling.
That This feeling…
I’ll pursue as long as I live.

Phi Phi Viewpoint Sunset

I delayed writing about Thailand because I didn’t know where to start from.

This post will definitely not do it justice. (I guess some things are best left as memories)
If I could rewind time and have you watch me, I would, but take this post as me attempting to talk about my experience.

P.S: If you ever want to consider a destination, choose Thailand!

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Maybe it was about having the right company or it was about having an amazing travel package. You see, a good friend of mine is from Thailand so we only paid for our flight and we had free accommodation and transport for 2weeks.
There were 5 of us and I wondered “Err Tina, how are you going to fit us all in?” “Oh, that’s no problem, I live in a Villa”
WHOOP! Can you already tell this trip was destined to be LIT.

The Very Best Company!

I need to talk about the conversation I had with Tina prior to embarking on the trip.
Tina: “Fey, I’m thinking of going home, let’s all go! You, Gianni, Francesca, Aiman and I, It’ll be fun!”
Fey: “Oh okay, will I ride an elephant? ”
LMAO- no lie.

That was all I needed. All my life (yes, well not anymore)  I just wanted to ride one, I had seen soo many beautiful pictures of people doing the same. I needed in.
I know Thailand is not the only country that I can do that, but I chose Thailand.
So yeah, Tina laughed obviously..
Tina: “Fey there are many awesome things to do and that’s the one thing you want?”
Fey: “Yes Tina, if you promise me I’ll ride an elephant, I’m all over it”
Tina: “I promise”
Result: Best moment of my life!IMG_0862IMG_0863>>>Play<<<

If you get the chance to be with a local, do it. It’s truly the best way to get the most out of your holiday.
Months before the trip, we had a shared calendar where we put in the different activities and our different schedules. We also paid for some of the “must-do” activities so they don’t get sold out.
Tip One: Planning is keyIMG_3835Tina’s parents were oh so awesome and welcoming!
We literally woke up to a full English breakfast everyday, her mum also handed us powerbanks and chargers as soon as we got there and ensured we always had a bottle of water and a driver/taxi to take us around.
Talk about convenience?
Tina’s childhood friends were truly the best company and I learnt so much and had soo much fun.
I really cannot use words to describe my Thai experience.

Monkey Island, Phi Phi

Sadly, I can not use more pictures either because I dropped my phone in the sea whilst trying to take a picture of the cutest monkey at monkey island, Phi Phi.
My pictures, videos, gone. No backup on Icloud either.
To be honest!
That’s when the real fun started, I was forced to enjoy the moments fully and not think about social media.
Tip two: Please take a water proof bag for all your valuables because you will go to the beach.
I just want to rant about how much I love Thailand.12322477_10156330969395650_8491870383940964615_o

I LOVE Thailand.


IMG_3841 (1)
The Grand Palace


We spent a few days touring Bangkok, visiting the temples, having thai food, hanging out at the bars, karaoke, clubs and having the most amazing 2 hour thai massage. Oh yeah, I also had frogs for the first time. Believe it or not, it was delicious!

“See No Evil” – “Speak No Evil” – “Hear no Evil”

We spent more days at Phi Phi Island.
A definite yes-yes!
Beach, sun, bikini, parties, star gazing and soo much more. The beach has also got a good nightlife. Loads of bars/clubs to choose from. I really did enjoy the fire shows as well. It was all so exciting. A little dangerous but I guess they were professionals.
I cannot forget to talk about how clear the water is. While swimming and snorkelling in the sea, seeing all the fish so clearly was so amusing. Aiman seems to think he saw a shark. Okay, he saw a baby shark and a few people were so excited they wanted to go have a look.
Err, I’m not that adventurous. Thank you. So yes, I ran back to the boat.phi-phi-islands-6

Phi Phi Island

 We spent the last few days at the Andaman white beach resort in Phuket.
Simply Amazing.
(I’ve got no pictures 🙁 )
We also swam in the rain!
And yes, Thailand is pretty cheap. I remember being so excited that I got a pedicure for 4 pounds (when converted) as opposed to about 40 pounds when in London.

IMG_3950Thinking about it, I had a lot of “firsts” here:
first time swimming in the sea

first time snorkeling 
first time kayaking
first time getting capsized in the middle of nowhere (story for another day)
first time eating frogs 
first time swimming in the rain 
first time riding an elephant
first time in a floating market
first time star gazing for an hour 

Saying Thailand is “Amazing’ or “Splendid” or “Beautiful”is just not enough.
These words are underrated, just doesn’t do Thailand justice.
I had the best days in Thailand and I will do it over and over and over again.
Thinking all about it is so nostalgic and it’s only right for me to ask you…

Why Do You Not Travel?rrrr.jpg


Things to do in Thailand

  • The Grand Palace
  • Damneonssaduak Floating Market
  • Phi Phi Viewpoint Sunset- The highest point of the island
  • Monkey Beach, Ko Phi Phi
  • Elephant Village
  • BEAM Club- it’s amazing here
  • The Full Moon Party – In February
  • Chatuchak weekend market
  • Food stalls in Sukhumvit Soi 38
  • Sky bar @ Lebua
  • Maeklong railway market
  • Wat Arun / Sala Rattanokosin for sunset

Tip two: November to February is known as the best time to visit Thailand as the weather is generally at it’s best.


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