“Now more than ever do I realise that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.”

If I got told to pick any destination of my choice for a holiday, never in a hundred years would I have considered Slovakia and for this I am utmost thankful to Work for the opportunity to see such a peaceful, beautiful, little town – Kosice 🙂 IMG_8794

I would consider this as my first “solo travel” and to be honest, it was absolutely refreshing…
Do you know what it feels like to indulge yourself fully? To enjoy your own company? To do what you want, when you want and however you want it? To lay alone in a park , eyes fixed to the sky, and just, and just… BE

Solo travel does that for you. It leads to delightful encounters, discovery and deeper interaction with places and people.

I was in Kosice for two weeks and I absolutely loved every moment of it. This is not just because my office was in a mall 🙂 and I had the best view right at my desk or because I really enjoyed working with the team out there, but because it was just such a peaceful lovely town- the perfect break. I definitely wasn’t ready to leave at the time I did but life must go on…
Although, I was really only alone on the weekends, it was everything and more.

This post is all about being a tourist and if you ever find yourself in Kosice, Slovakia here are a few things you can do 🙂

P.S- Kosice has absolutely got amazing food! I feel like all I ever did was eat- but wait for it, I’ll be posting about my foodie experience soon.


The St. Elizabeth Cathedral
This is the most popular landmark in the historic city centre of Kosice. Beautiful  isn’t it?
My best part of the cathedral was going to the top of the tower. From the tower, you see the entire city- such an Amazing view!
Although there was the “staircase struggle” haha. The staircase to the tower was so narrow, I literally had to climb to a landing area each time someone was going down but it was totally worth it!

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 23.33.49
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Say a little prayer

The Kosice Zoo
This is the best zoo in Slovakia and I totally agree. I have not been to many zoo’s but I’ll very much like to explore as many zoo’s as I can (Yes! to different countries). Oh! How can I forget to mention how cheap things are in Slovakia- The Joy!
Visiting the Kosice Zoo is a must-do as it’s got a wide range of animals and the tickets are so cheap (3 euros) you’ll be silly not to (well, except you dislike animals). They’ve also got a DinoPark but lets leave that for the kids 🙂

I put together a slide show of some animals to make it more enjoyable- just for you!


Random Moments

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How cute is this?!


My awesome team!

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I made a new friend!

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Paula 🙂


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