What does a girl have to do to get some flowers?

Seriously Guys?

Not to sound ungrateful or proud but I’ve received some pretty solid gifts from the opposite sex in my lifetime.
But if only they knew just a bouquet of flowers will make all the change in the world.

P.S- This post is dedicated to the Nigerian men
So yes, valentines day prompted this post.

Let’s go all the way back to 2005 when my first boyfriend ever got me a bouquet of red roses.
God bless you.
But then again I was 15 and he was my first real valentine and I received a bouquet of red roses!
(real because I used to only get gifts from my female best friends)
It did not seem to make a lot of sense to my friends then cos everyone was receiving perfumes and wristwatches and all that fancy stuff.
But all I got were flowers and chocolates.
But I loved my roses! Boy, did I not want it to die on me.

So that was it. Expectation set.
I repeat Expectation set.
“It’s normal to receive flowers.”
If not on random days, at least the special occasions.

Fast forward to 2017!
Ahn ahnn 11 Valentines afterrrr!
12 years and I still haven’t received red roses.

Miss me with that
“I almost got you flowers”
“Oh, do you like flowers? I was thinking of getting you some”
11 valentines after…
Phones, watches, perfumes, teddy bears, dinners, clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, cakes, chocolates….
Still no flowers.

Ah. I’m grateful, very thankful in fact.
God bless you all for the amazing gestures over the years but,
this is my public declaration.

Dear Future husband.
Get me Flowers!
Don’t even annoy me.
It’s on my 2017 vision board.
If you won’t get me flowers please don’t talk to me.
And in case you were wondering what else I’ll be needing,

Okay, guys, ranting over. 
Maybe I’ll take a nap now.
Looking forward to the future.
Notice I didn’t say valentines day? 
The Future.
Thank you and God bless.


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  1. Hahahaha!! A girl gotta keep “faith-ing” and keep “telling them!!” ???
    No worries, soon you’ll be getting ’em fresh, beautiful flowers; be sure to do a blog post when you do! ??
    And by the way, stumbled on-and-Likeyyyy your blog! ? Xx

    1. Feyikoya

      lool! We have to o! And I most certainly will make a post about it when it happens! hahah. Aww, I’m really glad! Thank you for stopping by and do come back!

  2. Lmao! This is so weird. I read this title as “followers” and when you started talking about flowers, I was like “huh!”. Love this post as random as it is. The first time I got flowers from a guy was my wedding day – when Tee sent me some fresh roses. Hahahaha. Hopefully this happens for you this year.

    Kachee.. Xx


    1. Feyy

      LOL @ followers. I see how weird that would have turned out. Haha. Aww, I’m glad you love my post and thank you for giving me hope! I believe now more than ever! Heheheh and an Amen! to that.
      I’ll update you once I do! 😉

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