Where to Stay in MOROCCO! RIADS over HOTELS!

Save the fancy, luxury hotels for another destination.
These pictures should save me a thousand words.

• What is a Riad?

 Large traditional houses usually built around a courtyard and often converted into a hotel.

• Can this only be found in Morocco?

Yes, to the best of my knowledge. 

• Why should I pick a riad over a hotel?

The riad experience is more personal, cultural and unique. Infused with history, they usually have between 5 to 10 rooms compared to hundreds of rooms in a large hotel. My personal favourite; you get served complimentary Moroccan mint tea all day long and their service is generally faster. Breakfast is also complimentary and their staff are really helpful with where to go and things to do in the city. In one of the riads we stayed in, the staff accompanied us for a night out! With the help of their network, we got free entries and also free drinks! Best believe that night was off the roof! 😀

7 days, 3 cities and 3 riads after, I’ve earned the right to tell you that Moroccan riads are Stunning, Beautiful and Surreal. The time you spend in the riad alone is enough to make your entire holiday. I stepped into the Be Marrakech Riad and I never wanted to leave.
The one thing most people want to know is if riads are affordable. Yes, they are certainly cheaper than hotels. 🙂

Throughout the course of our holiday, we stayed in 3 riads and 1 hotel. Here’s a brief summary of each place and pictures to echo my words. 

1. Riad Be Marrakech.

My personal best!
I stalked this riad for months!! The owner swiftly became my best friend and gave me the best tips prior to the FNP Getaway. I even adjusted the Getaway dates to tally/match with the riads availability. That’s how deep it was. I had to see it and when I did, Oh la la! Magic.

2. Riad Dar Darma.

“Old places have souls”

I couldn’t agree more. This riad is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. It literally took me by surprise because I only booked it as an emergency and did not get the chance to research or see what it was all about. I’m glad this happened.
The details, history, and architecture in the entire riad will blow your mind. It’s made up of 4 suites and 2 apartments. We stayed in the ‘red apartment”. I found it hard to believe that the riad was once owned by a family. Everything in our apartment felt so majestic. I promised to look into the history but I’m certain a princess owned my room. Am I being dramatic? I just can’t get over it.

P.S: This riad is 150years 

3. Riad Cherifa.

This is situated in Chefchaouen. This riad felt like home 🙂 Although we were only here for a night, the host was incredibly friendly, patient and helpful. This riad easily scored the best breakfast in Morocco. I wish we stayed indoors more. They offered board games, books, and shows which would have been very relaxing and fun. If you ever visit Chefchaouen, you should definitely consider staying here. The website definitely does not do it justice 🙂 

4. Eurostars Hotel.

This is situated in Casablanca. After staying in 3 riads, I was definitely disappointed to be here which brought me to the conclusion that Riads are a far better option than hotels. Nothing was wrong with it well, except for the absence of mint tea, friendly staff and the unique feel we experienced for the past 6 days. They definitely scored some points with the rooftop pool though. Such an amazing view!

If I could do it all again, I will definitely pick these riads. It made our entire Moroccan experience incredible. I’ve never been particular about accommodation in foreign cities because I’ve always had the opinion that I’ll be exploring all day so it does not matter. Morocco has changed this opinion. The little moments you spend after a long day exploring a city or the first thing you wake up to makes a huge impact on your holiday.

What do you think? RIADS or HOTELS?
Any riad experience you want to share?
Please let me know in the comment section.

Thinking of seeing Morocco? Click here for important things to know before going!
I do hope you enjoyed this post!
Thank you for reading.
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picture is worth a thousand words. 
I hope in this post, you read/hear 10 thousand words.

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  1. Khadijah Jose

    Hi Fey! Great photos. You have inspired me to take a trip to Marrakesh and will be doing that this month. Please can you provide some information on the Berber tours? What agency did you use? Was it a full day trip? Cost? Any other useful information too.Thanks

  2. tobechukwu udeigbo

    Fey, I came back to your blog for the Morocco juice. I couldn’t resist not drooling all over your instagram and yes, this is on my bucketlist for 2018. Please how much was the riad and hotel? These pictures are disrespectful…..cant stop googling. lol

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